February 07, 2015

10 Movies to watch this Valentines

It's February and Valentines Day is a week away. For those of you spending this Valentines alone or away from your special someone then do what I always recommend for a quiet day at home. MOVIE MARATHON. Pull on your favorite pajamas, order some pizza, hit the couch and practically exploit this amazing world that is Netflix. (No im not plugging Netflix, there's coke and popcorn and watch series in case y'all need options). Check out my pick of romcoms, fantasy and chick flicks this Valentines.   

#1 Stardust

     Climbing lofty mountains, crossing seas and oceans and bringing down a star are some of the things men generally claim they would do for their lady love. Stardust takes these claims one step further, sending the hero Tristan on a very long adventure which includes navigating the skies in a zeppelin of sorts to give his lady love a piece of a star. What Tristan finds as the fallen star and it's perils is the main plot of the movie besides many other stories woven in. Stardust has a star cast that includes Ian McKellen, Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer Sienna Miller and Peter O'Toole.

#2 The Illusionist

In a very offbeat yet absolutely engaging story of a magician and his story of heartbreak and beating the odds to win his love. A compelling story with a plot twist that even a seasoned movie buff will find hard to predict. The role of the Illusionist is definitely done justice by Edward Norton and Jessica Biel makes one fine Duchess. Set in Vienna in the 1800s, The Illusionist has some brilliant special effects and camerawork that often goes unnoticed.  

#3 Hotel Transylvania

Well every movie list will be incomplete without an animated flick. Hotel Transylvania is just so adorable it hurts! Hotel Transylvania is a swank castle/inn exclusively for....ghosts and all things kids imagine are hiding under their bed. Well for starters I never imaged Dracula to have a daughter and let alone the daughter to fall in love. I didn't have to because Sony Pictures Animation did it for me and I have to say I'm quite blown away with the result. Voiced by Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez Hotel Transylvania will make your heart melt into gooey strawberry jelly.  

#4 Beastly

Ok folks. This IS simply Beauty and the Beast meets High School Musical. Literally. I recommend this purely for Neil Patrick Harris, the very aesthetic green house; Mary Kate Olsen as a goth chick and for once not running around pointlessly in Rome with boys with threaded eyebrows;and the fact that I honestly appreciate the script writer for at least TRYING to come up with something original. A one time watch.   

#5 The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Shame on you if you haven't watched this epic Trilogy yet. ROTK is in this list because a very eligible hunk (Aragron) turned down a lot of eligible maidens (Eowyn) for the girl he loved(Arwen, daughter of Lord Elrond). All of the elves just always look so serene and ethereal that it just makes humans seem so last year! Who doesn't love a good medieval era movie. Life just seemed so simple and chivalry actually made a difference. 

#6 John Tucker Must Die

Don't let the title mislead you. Nobody dies and no human or animal gets hurt, not even from a broken heart. John Tucker Must Die is a quintessential chick flick with a very predictable plot but if you are in for some cat fights and some not so funny jokes or if you are a boy and want to harmlessly ogle at some pretty girls in short skirts John Tucker Must Die is probably the flick to watch this February.       

#7 A Walk To Remember

DISCLAIMER: Tissue box will come in handy. 
A very touching tale of two high schoolers who fall in love. A prankster and rebel Landon grows to love the quiet and religious Jamie Sullivan much to her father's disapproval. The story picks up as Jamie confesses that she is terminally ill and Landon does everything in his power to fulfill Jamie's bucket list which includes star gazing and witnessing a miracle. Once you've watched 'The Fault in Our Stars' this is going to be a rerun.       

#8 Safe Haven 

Safe Haven didn't turn out like the chick flick that I thought it to be. It has an interesting story line with great performances from Julianne Hugh and Josh Duhamel. The story revolves around a girl (Julianne) who moves into a sea side neighborhood. She takes up a job at a waitress at a cafe and the owner (Josh) a widower and his children who take a great liking to her.    

#9 City of Angels

If you thought angels had wings and wore white robes that were dry cleaned everyday, no, this is not that sort of movie. What happens when an angel decides to 'take the plunge' for the one he adores. A compelling love story between an Angel (Nicholas Cage) and a overly dedicated doctor (Meg Ryan) who fall in love that transcends the gates of Heaven.  

#10 The Lake House

Don't ask me how people from the past can fall in love with people from the future. It sure seems possible if you happen to live in a lake house. The movie poster is quite smart yet simple and puts the entire story in one picture. Check it out! 

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